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Peggy we have a Dog, so we need a home with a fenced yard and...

This weeks caller said;

"Peggy we have a dog. We really would like to find a home with a fenced rear yard if at all possible. If a home had a nice big mud room,that would be awesome!"

I said not to worry, I have three dogs, so I totally get it.

Those of us who own dogs, know they are part of the family. That means when you are looking for a new place to call home of course the needs of the family pet come into play. Homes for sale that have what you need will make your life easier from day one of moving in.

A home with a dog door is always nice and a home where you have a "Dog Room" or "Dog Shower" well those are icing on the cake if we can find them. 

owning a home with a big yard

This is one of our dogs. The one loves romping the  yard chasing squirrels and talking to all the other dogs in the neighborhood. He alerts me when Mr Rabbit visits or when the deer jump over the fence and get too close. Heck he even has a habit of bringing all his soft squeaky toys to the baby deer. ( I'm not kidding!)

Back to the caller. He said they really wanted a home with a big mud room so that they could hopefully  so they did not have to crate their boxer all day while they were at work. I get it, I truly do.  I shared with the caller that we actually have a home with what a huge fenced yard, and an awesome mud room that doubles as the perfect dog room. As soon as we saw the house, we knew it was perfect for us and our boys. We owned four dogs at the time. This one room has made life with dogs so easy.

Homes with doggie rooms

Here is another wonderful example of a home with a  mud room and a dog shower! This is a home I listed ad sold two years ago in the Lake Ridge Virginia area.  The mud room had a custom built "Dog Shower" in it, along with a dutch door. The owners had two Labordoodles that were quite large and they had access to the back yard. So keep the dirty paws from entering the main living space was top priority. Wouldn't just love to have this in your mud room. 

mud room with dog shower

The new home builders are catching on. This is a brand new home I just sold. Attention to detail for your every need. This is the mud room, all purpose room from the garage to the kitchen. The washer and dryer is up on the bedroom level of the house freeing up this space to whatever your heart desires.

Can you  envision your dogs bed at the end of that hallway? Add a dutch door or white baby gate and you are good to go. Put in a dog door in the wall and your pet has access to the rear yard.

mud room -great place to house family pet 

Now lets talk aboutfenced rear yards fencing.

  • Most single family home communities only allow four foot fences unless of course you are in a non-homeowners situation.
  • Then you can have a six foot fence.
  • Townhouses have tall board on board fences. Some condo's in the area have private courtyards!
  • There is no limit to the size of a dog for single family homes or townhouses.
  • However most condo complexes limit not only the size of the dog, but the number of dogs as well. 


Just remember when it's time to find a home in the Woodbridge Virginia and surrounding area if you need a REALTOR® totally understands your need to find a home that suits the needs of your dog. I get it! It would be my pleasure to help you find the perfect home for you and your furry family. 

Peggy James
Twins Selling Real Estate Team
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This weeks caller said; "Peggy we have a dog. We really would like to find a home with a fenced rear yard if at all possible. If a home had a nice big mud room, that would be awesome! " I said not to worry, I have three dogs, so I totally get it… more
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